1. The name of the club, hereinafter referred to as the club shall be “Revival Racing Motorcycle Club”  May also be known as the “RRMC”
  2. The club shall subscribe to & be an affiliated member of the MCUI which is the governing body of motorcycling and shall be bound by their rules and regulations through the MCUI (UC)
  3. Objects & aims of the club
    To promote, encourage, organise through track events the sport of classic motorcycling racing for machines of over 25 years old. To also promote and encourage general motorcycle sports and pastimes & such similar sporting and social events as may be suitable for the tracks used by the club. Also to organise social functions for members and their guests. To organise events for members of the club & to afford opportunities for members of the club to participate in competitions or events held by similar clubs and associations, provided that the same are promoted under the general competition rules of the MCUI.
  4. DISCIPLINE Any member conducting him//herself in a manner considered not to be in the best interests of the club, either physically or verbally and which could bring the “club” and/or the sport of motorcycle racing in to disrepute is liable for a fine or having his/her membership terminated, in such cases the MCUI (UC) and the governing body MCUI would be notified of such action.
  5. COMMITTEE / COUNCIL The committee shall comprise of as many members as is deemed necessary to maintain and fulfil the needs of the club and its members. This will include the following: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and where possible will also include a Competition Events Secretary, Membership secretary and Safeguarding  Officers  Any of the latter may be joint positions. Election of officials will be made at the AGM of the club at a time and place decided by the committee members in office for that year.
  6. ELECTION OF OFFICIALS AND VOTING Any member is eligible for election as an officer of the committee except in an emergency when an officer is obliged to resign before his/her term of office is completed; the member replacing the resigning member will only serve in office until the next AGM. Members wishing to put themselves forward for election must submit their intention in writing, signed by them & also signed by the Proposer & a Seconder who must also have been a Member, the nomination must reach the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM, Members already in office & are at the end of their term but wish to continue in the position are not required to have a proposer or seconder but must notify the Secretary or in the case of the secretary being due for re-election notify the Chairperson in writing of their intent within the time limit as above.
  7. SUB COMMITTEES These may need to be formed to assist with the organising and running of various club events, members can volunteer or be co-opted to serve
  8. MEMBERSHIP AND SUBSCRIPTION Each & every member, except Honorary members undertakes to join of the club by way of annual membership fees; the subscription for club membership of  £15.00 is due on the 1st January & must be paid to the Membership Secretary accompanied by the completed membership form. Membership fees will be reviewed at each AGM. Membership requires the acceptance of the Club Constitution Rules and responsibilities. Members are entitled to all privileges and facilities appropriate to the class of membership. Associate Honorary members will decided by a minimum 2/3rds vote by Committee Members at any meeting.
    Classes of Membership:
    is a lifetime membership and has all privileges of the club including voting at meetings.
    Club member has all privileges of the club including voting at meetings.
    Honorary member has all privileges of the club except for voting at meetings.
  9. CLUB MEETINGS   These will be held periodically throughout the year and will be held at Phillip McCallen Motorcycles, Lisburn. The Annual General Meeting will be held in October every year. Committee meetings will also be held periodically throughout the year. Members can call an Extraordinary General Meeting by submitting a request to the secretary in writing giving at least 14 days’ notice & signed by not less than 10 fully paid up members. Minutes of all meetings will be passed to the “Club Secretary”. Quorum numbers that constitute a quorum are a minimum of 2 at General, Special and Annual General Meetings.
  10. COMMITTEE MEMBERS A minimum of two members of the committee must be present at any meeting of the committee. VOTING in the event of equality of votes taken, the Chairperson will have the casting vote, otherwise the chairman carries no casting vote.
  11. REMOVAL OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS Either by resignation, breach of “club” constitution or to be voted out of office by a majority vote of other committee members.
  12. DISSOLUTION The club may be wound up in the manner provided by current legislation. If upon winding up there remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities any property whatsoever the liquidator shall dispose of such property in any manner whatsoever agreed upon by the Council and Trustees in office at that time subject however to the provision that every member other than an Honorary Member shall be entitled to the return of such proportion of the membership fee as the unexpired portion of the period covered by the membership fee bears to the whole of such period.
  13. PARADE & RACE FORMAT The racing classes to be competed for each event will be decided at the AGM for the following season, following discussion at a meeting of competitors and full member at a time and place to be decided. The format will be agreed by the committee and adhered to for the following season, parade and racing members are required to familiarise themselves with the MCUI regulations and also familiarise themselves with the Supplementary Regulations issued with competition entry forms. Failure to acquaint oneself with any or all of the above will in no way allow exemption from same.
  14. TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP Membership of the “Club” can be terminated for any of the following reasons:
    1: Lapse of annual membership
    2: Breach of membership condition
  15. AMENDMENT OF CONSTITUTION The constitution can be amended, rescinded or replaced by a substitute constitution provided the motion is passed by Special Resolution at a meeting with the Committee Members.